Chris Athanas

Creative. Android. Developer.

Greetings earthlings! I'm Chris Athanas, an Austin-based Android developer. My passion is to develop applications that are both beautiful and engaging. The development process involves understanding the client's needs and translating them into technical art that is decoded into a simple, user friendly interface.

What I Do

I create software solutions that match customers needs. I concentrate on the user's experience and take into account their desires first. I created my first commercial software company DigiEffects by delivering easy to use products that solved motion graphics artist problems. 

I am familiar with modern internet technologies as well as being proficient in image processing and user interface design. I'm fluent in most popular languages including: Java, Javascript, C, C++, Python and others. I am familiar with RESTful API's, JSON, Cordova PhoneGap, MySQL, HTTPS, CSS, HTML, Email and e-commerce solutions. I enjoy creating elegant UX/UI and readable code. And yes, I comment!​​ I have created custom applications that interface with eBay, BigCommerce, FaceBook and Twitter.

I have written successful commercial apps for companies such as Fox TV, National Geographic and Caesars Palace Resorts while working at Chaotic Moon Studios in Austin, TX.

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